Fashion IT girl, Rozalia Russian's rise to tastemaker status has been a social media sensation! With her trademark high-end meets high-street style captivating the imagination (and pinterest boards) of thousands practically overnight.

Trend-setting in fashion & lifestyle, her Instagram followers have seen Rozalia transform from model, to mum to online entrepreneur within a short 5 year period.

With a ton of self-worth, Rozalia sets the example of how to have it all, and look good doing it. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants, Boasting a best-selling shoe collection, her own online lifestyle platform, ambassador roles with Emirates, Crown Resorts and the Melbourne Grand Prix, the former ballerina's polish and personable nature has helped to carve a career as dynamic as her day-to-day life.

With all her success, millions of 'likes' and two children later, Rozalia has remained true to herself, growing her audience and brand as organically as they started.
Her followers' insatiable appetite for what she's wearing, where she's going and how she lives can be ascribed to Rozalia's seamless blend of the aspirational and the attainable.
A fun yet accessible approach to fashion, motherhood and lifestyle teamed with an interactive and authentic dialogue with her followers makes Roza an in-touch and trusted asset to both brands and audiences alike. Whether it's her flawless take on high-low chic or her earnest advice to fellow mothers, Rozalia's way is an exemplification in having it all, and the outside can't help but follow!