The 6 Make Up Brushes You Need

Sunday, 10th July 2016

The 6 Make Up Brushes You Need

I am no expert in the make up field, but

being a 28 year old woman who wears make up almost every day, I have learnt a

few tips and tricks from different make up artists, magazines and from basic trial
and error in applying my own make up.

What I have noticed is that I feel a lot of
women sometimes over complicate things and feel overwhelmed with all the
different brands of make up and their uses.

One area of confusion that I am consistently asked
about is in regards to the different make up brushes and which ones you really need.

I am all about a simple and quick routine,
and this means only having a handful of brushes that you really need that
you will really use.

I have listed them below:

The Blending Brush:

This is a must in order to get a Smokey eye.

I am no expert and quite lazy when it comes to doing a Smokey eye,

however I find it is almost impossible to mess up if you
use a blending brush.

As the name suggest, the blush will blend

and blend making sure that your eye shadow is all blended together.

I find it doesn't matter how many different colours you use,

as long as you have this blush to blend at the end, the final

result is always an even eye shadow.

The Flat Eye Liner Brush:

Whilst I don't really wear too much liquid
eyeliner, I find this brush is extremely handy when it comes to fill in your
brows. I do like to use a brow pencil, however on those brow stubborn days when
they just don't seem to be playing nice, this is perfect to really shape them.

Whilst you can also get a spoolie brush which is designed for Brows,

I am all about simplifying matters as mentioned earlier,

so having a brush for multiple uses is a must for me.

When I am applying lashes, then I also
use this brush to apply liquid eyeliner to hide the gap between the strip lash
and my eyelid.

The foundation brush:

Some women like sponges, however I personally prefer the look and feel of a foundation brush.

When I have used sponges in the past I find that I had to spend a lot of time blending, whilst a
brush takes little to no time to achieve a flawless, even and full coverage.

The Powder Brush:

This is the biggest brush in my make up bag
and I only use it to apply press powder to set my make up at the end.

As the brush is so big, it is not suitable for bronzer, highlighter or blush.

The Contour Brush:

This brush is great for multi use. I use

mine for bronzer, highlighter and blush.

The angled brush means that you can get
into specific areas and really help you apply the bronzer and highlighter in
the right spots

The Concealer Brush:

Whilst this brush isn't necessary, it is
something that I use when I really have time to apply my make up.

Usually in the morning when I have about 5 minutes spare,

I do find it quicker to just use my finger to apply and blend my concealer.

But when I'm after fuller coverage and to really build the product on, then this
brush is the perfect tool to achieving your look.

Rozalia Russian