My Top Five Mascara's

Thursday, 28th July 2016

My Top Five Mascara's

A few years ago I used to get Eyelashes

extension on a regular basis, but after having my daughter, I just couldn't
find the time to head back for refills every three weeks and I ended up pulling
them out, as I couldn't stand when they started to hang down.

When I first had them removed, lets just say it was a real shock! Going from waking up to a full set of gorgeous lashes
to well… Having my husband ask me if I am tired because I look sick and
drained! Thanks Nick!

So it was then my mission to find seriously amazing mascara to take my eyes from drab to fab with one quick application.

Now when I go out for an event or have my make up done then I wear false lashes, however I just don't have time (and

can't be bothered) applying them everyday just to go to the supermarket and do

So on my days off, here are some mascara's that I have previously tried out and love. I do tend to alternate and switch

between my mascara and will have about 5 different types in my make up bag at any given time.

My top five Mascaras:

Benefit "They're real" $42

This is one mascara that has been in my bag

forever as I keep on buying it anytime its finished. The brush on this is
amazing. The bristles are so sturdy and I feel like they really coat my lashes.
After a couple of coats my lashes are instantly longer and thicker.

Great Lash Mascara $9.06

After first being developed over 40 years ago, there is a reason this iconic mascara is still around and a favourite

amongst women.

Firstly because the wand is a little bit smaller, I find it so easy to use to build coats on my lashes.

The mascara is also super black which I love,so really makes your lashes pop.

This iconic mascara if the number one selling mascara and really has stood the test of time.

Whilst I wouldn't say it's the 'best' mascara on the market, for under $10 its pretty amazing.

Not to mention the pink bottle and green lid instantly takes me back to my childhood,

stealing my mothers Maybelline Mascara.

Estee Lauder Double wear, Zero smudge Mascara $48.

As the name suggest this mascara is great as it has a zero smudge factor.

Lets face it, there is nothing worse than when you apply your mascara and next minute it has transported itself to your
eye lids and cheeks.

I actually prefer a smaller brush, as I find the application easier and this is the perfect brush size for me.

Any time I have tried mascara with a full thick brush, I feel like I am getting more product around my lashes, than the
lashes themselves.

Any time I use this mascara, I have never had a single smudge, so this one is great in summer time to withstand, oily
skin and sweat.

Bareminerals Lash Domination Petite Precision Mascara $28.

Again I love the size of this small brush, as it really lets me get nice and close to my eye lids, and apply mascara from
root to end.

This is another great no smudge formula, similar to Estee Lauder, however at a more affordable price.

Lancôme Definicils Noir Infinite $54

This is great base mascara that I use, because the way the brush is designed it means that I never clumps.

It helps separate your lashes, whilst coating them individually from root to end.

I like to use this mascara first and then apply a darker, thicker formula over the top.

Rozalia Russian