Babyzen Yo Yo Stroller

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Babyzen Yo Yo Stroller

When Willow was younger I had her in the

Stokke Xplory which I loved for every day local trips, however as soon as we
started travelling, I realized that it was too bulky and not a practical pram
to pack.

It was over two years ago that we headed overseas as a family for the first
time and I started researching compatible strollers

Whilst there were some fab strollers on the
market that collapsed, they were all still too big to take on board and had to
be check in at the gate.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, however it
means that when you get off the airplane at an international airport, you have
to walk the long distance through customs to baggage claim to collect your
stroller, all whilst carrying the too many baby bags you have packed, your
handbag and also somehow your squirmy baby who has just been on a 12 hour

This all seemed a little too hard basket until I cam across the yo yo Zen.

The Babyzen Yo Yo was the first stroller that collapsed small enough to fit into your overhead luggage. (It also so easy
to carry as it has a strap so you can throw it over your shoulder)

This means that there is no need to check it in, you can take it on board with you and store it in your overhead

Once your journey has finished, as soon as you step off the plan you can put your child in their stroller for the long

I cannot recommend this stroller highly enough; it has travelled all around the world with us and has made traveling

with a baby/toddler that little bit easier.

It is also great to take to restaurants as you can fold it up and pop it under your table.

It does have a newborn feature, however I never used it so unfortunately I cannot comment, however when the stroller is
forward facing it does recline all the way bag and Willow has had plenty of
afternoon siesta's whilst we walked and explored Europe.

The Babyzen Yo Yo does come in a range of colours, I opted for the all black with white wheels, as it is so easy to clean

and just simple and chic.

Not only is this one of the easiest strollers to use, I would get stopped in different airports by numerous parents
as it is stylish, small and just overall neat.

For more information and for stockiest head to their website here:

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