Myer and the 'Give Registry'

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Myer and the 'Give Registry'

The year is 2016 and it is incredible to think how far women have come.

We have had a female prime minister, a female
CEO runs a huge number of successful companies, and Women are now able to have
it all. We are still able to have a career even after we have had children.

However unfortunately even in 2016 women are still subjected to domestic abuse.

I recently went to an amazing charity event honouring Rosie Batty, and there she gave a powerful speech regarding domestic

Domestic violence doesn't discriminate. It can and does happen to women of all ages, young and old and it happens to women
in different financial positions. One in three women are affected by family violence in Australia and it can happen to anyone.

Family violence is also the leading cause of homelessness for women and their children.

The Salvation Army works tirelessly helping women in such position, giving them a chance to start over. When a women leaves
abuse, all she often leaves with is her life.

Last month Myer announced their involvement in supporting the Salvation Army in their work by setting up the 'Give

The way it works:

Set up like a traditional gift registry within stores nationally, the Myer 'Give Registry' will give customer a chance
to buy from a range of specifically ticketed items and donate that product
directly to Myer's partner charity, The Salvation Army, to pass on to help
women in need.

Myer will then match all donations one for one.

This amazing new program will be able to provide basic day to day items that you simply cant live without such as a toaster,
towels, bed sheet and pass these on to women who currently need all the help
and support they can get after leaving an abusive situation.

These little gifts will make a huge difference in helping these women rebuild their lives after being left with


Below is a selection of items currently on the Give Registry.

Myer is standing up to family violence and for more information on how you can help you can visit any Myer store or head

online to their website here and help give these women a chance to start over.

Rozalia Russian