Seahaven Noosa Resort

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Seahaven Noosa Resort

My husband and I have always loved to travel and ever since having Willow we definitely haven't slowed down.

The only thing that has slowed our travel down lately is the fact that I am pregnant with baby no 2 and even the thought of driving for an hour at the moment was just too hard basket!

So when it came to booking in one last holiday before the baby came I wanted something that was easy and no fuss.

That's when we decided to head to Noosa and stay at the incredible Seahaven.
We have previously been to Noosa, with and without Willow however this was our first time staying at the Seahaven.

The reason why I booked the Seahaven was because I wanted to pack minimal as possible and just have any easy relaxing holiday.
This meant not hiring a car and not packing the pram.
Staying at the Seahaven allowed for all of this because its location is pretty hard to beat!

Situated right on the beach it really is the perfect spot for an easy and fuss free holiday.
We booked a room on the ground floor with the pool right in front of us. Every morning we would wake up, have breakfast and Willow would run and play on the grass or head for the pool.
The pool area was fantastic as they have a little kiddie pool, which meant that we just threw on her vest, and she jumped in with all her little toys.
We were able to watch her from the lounge chairs knowing that she was safe and couldn't get far.

All in all even my husband said that it was the easiest and most relaxing holiday we have been on in a while. Everything was to so easy.

What I loved the most about the Seahaven

- The kitchen was amazing as its so hard feeding a toddler who wants a snack like every 20 min! At the start of the holiday we stocked up on food for breakfast, lunch and snacks and would wonder in an out of our room between meals and pool swims

- They have a washing machine and dryer in the rooms, which for all mums is a must as we all know kids go through about 3 different outfits a day!

- The location being right on the beach and main strip is hard to beat. Willow still has a pram but likes to walk short distance. As we were so close to all the shops and the beach we didn't need a pram this holiday. (Which is amazing as it is one less bulky item you have to get through the airport) We walked every and it was so relaxing not having to worry about the pram or the car.

- The grass area in front of the ground floor apartments was great. Once Willow had enough of swimming she had heaps of grass area to run around and play on. We were able to watch her from our little courtyard, which backed right onto the grass area and the pool.

- The pool area was perfect for kids of all ages. There was a big pool if the adults wanted a swim, and a little kiddie pool for all the little ones. Everyday Willow would jump in and she would have friends who all played and shared their toys in the kid's pool.

- The beach was right in front of us as well. Another great bonus because we didn't have to pack all the towels, the food, the toys, the sunscreen etc. to go to the beach. We could come and go, as we liked without having to pack a whole massive suitcase just to make it to the beach.

- The Seahaven can cater to all your child's request meaning you don't have to pack your whole house to go on holidays. From cots, to high chairs and pool toys the Seahaven has it all.

I know I am repeating myself but if you want an easy, relaxing and fuss free holiday then I cannot recommend the Seahaven enough!
It really is one of the most family friendly resorts we have ever stayed at!

See you next year Noosa

For more information and to book head to their website here

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