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Wednesday, 14th June 2017

My Gen Health

We all know the importance of being as healthy as you can prior and during your pregnancy, not only for the baby but for the mother as well. Growing a human is exhausting work and a woman really needs to use the time to look after herself and nourish her body.

I have been contacted by Mygen Health, an Australian Vitamin and mineral supplement company, regarding their Maternity formula. I naturally had a few questions for founder Amanda Haberecht and thought I would share my questions and Amanda's answers with you.

Firstly, tell us about Mygen Health Maternity Formula…
Who is this product designed for? What kind of mum?

Maternity Formula is designed to support the nutritional needs of women through the second and third trimesters and throughout breastfeeding. During this time a woman's nutritional needs change due to the increased demands of her growing baby, and Mygen Health's Maternity Formula has been designed to meet these demands as well as provide the key nutrients necessary for an optimal birthing and breastfeeding experience.

What is your background and what inspired you to move into the maternal market?
I have been in practice as a Naturopath specialising in Fertility and Reproductive Health for over 20 years and I am the director of Darling Street Health in Sydney's inner west. I was inspired to create the Mygen Health Fertility Formula due for need in my clinical practise working with couple's experiencing issues surrounding conception. Maternity Formula was the natural follow-on because of the poor choices currently available to women for when pregnant and nursing.
There was a real need to offer women a more comprehensive formula that appropriately reflected a woman's changing nutritional needs in the latter half of pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding.

Where can woman purchase this product?
Women can purchase Mygen Health's Maternity Formula from health practitioners and a selection of health food stores and chemists with practitioners in-store. A full list of suppliers is available on our website; as is an online shop.

Where can they find out more information about the product and make their own conscious decision to try the product?

While we do have more information on our website (, your health practitioner is the best person to speak to as the Mygen Health formulas are specialised and draw on the latest evidence based research. We are able to provide professional health practitioners with technical information brochures with the nutritional information, explanations for each ingredient and references to research.

Along with creating this formula, can women have one on one meetings with you in regards to their health during pregnancy?
Yes, they can. My clinic is in Balmain, Sydney. I recommend women connect with a practitioner that is close to where they live so they can get the most out of the relationship. We have a list of naturopaths and other practitioners who specialise in women's health and fertility, and we are happy to provide practitioner details to women who may need further support during their pregnancy.

What do you feel the benefits are with the Mygen Health Maternity Formula?

Mygen Health's Maternity Formula offers many benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding women and has been designed to reflect the most up to date nutritional research appropriate for women during this time. Nutrients necessary for the increased growth and common symptoms that occur during the second and third trimester have been included in this formula. This formula may benefit symptoms such as cramping, fatigue, poor sleep, cravings, headaches and aid in supporting effective and progressive contractions during labour. Mygen Health's Maternity Formula has also been designed to provide necessary breastfeeding nutrients to both promote milk production and quality.

What can we expect in 2017 from here for Mygen Health?
Here at Mygen Health we are committed to providing formulas that reflect current and reliable nutritional research and we are constantly reviewing our formulas to ensure this commitment. In 2017 you can expect to see our formulas at more health clinics and I'm always working on another formula to meet a need I see through my clinical practise.

Thank-you for your time Amanda!

For more information make sure you head to MyGen Healths website here

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