My Kid's Room's

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

My Kid's Room's

When I first found out I was pregnant again and having a boy, I instantly jumped on the Internet to get some inspirations.

We were due to renovate and move house when I was around 33 weeks pregnant so I knew I needed some help in setting up the kids rooms in our new home!
I enlisted the help of Bec Douras to help create my dream kids rooms.
Bec and I sat down over the space of a few months and went through mood boards and colour schemes that I wanted to incorporate.
When it comes to kids rooms and overall home d├ęcor I like to keep things simple and classic and not use too much colour!
I think it is important for the spaces to be fun and playful but fit in with the rest of the house as well.

We moved into a beautiful old heritage home with ceiling roses and cornices. However the kids room upstairs were part of a modern extension so I wanted to incorporate some old heritage style to their rooms so they tied in with the rest of the house.
The way we achieved this was by adding ceiling roses and also paneling to the walls.
Wall paneling is something that I have always loved! However it can be very time consuming and expensive to achieve. As we were on a time frame (I was 36 weeks pregnant) we found an amazing company called Easy Craft.
East Craft supply pre made wall paneling that is so easy to install yourself!
It took two days for our builder to do both rooms, and I am blown away by how amazing they have turned out!

For Willow's room the walls had to be pink! (I promised Willow when we moved into the new house that she would get a pink girl room!)
However as much as the room was to be painted pink, I was quite specific in the shades of pink I wanted to use.
Personally I am not a fan of anything too bright, so I stayed away from the hot and loud shades.
I choose a really soft and subtle shade that wasn't too over powering for the walls and then asked Bec to uses shades of dusty pink, grey and white to add layers to the room.
My vision was for Bec to create a room that was soft and calm but playful for a three year old with princess and sparkle elements.
I think Bec absolutely nailed my brief, the room is girly and pink yet calm and sophisticated. It's a room that Willow wont out grow as it will be really easy to take away and add new items as she gets older.

When I found out I was having a boy I instantly knew I wanted a cute little safari styled nursery! Again it was very important for Kingston's bedroom to be soft and calm. My brief to Bec for his room was to use shades of soft blue, grey and white. I wanted the room to feel relaxing for my new baby and once again Bec absolutely nailed it!
I was still in hospital when Bec was finishing the rooms so I was getting little sneak peak updates but it wasn't until I came home and saw it in person that I was truly blown away!
From the amazing cloud light, to the hot air balloons to the beautiful cloud mobile. His room looks like something out of a fairytale book.

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing how these rooms have come together and I look forward to brining you more of my home renovations and style soon.

A big thank you to @sparrowcreative for the amazing photos and of course Bec Douras for creating these amazing spaces.

Willow's Room

Stylist @becdouros @becandgeorge

Photographer @sparrowcreative

Bed @potterybarnaus

Linen @etsyau

Pillows @lemarc_aus

White pom pom throw @etsyau

Ballerina and white unicorn doll @thegigglefactorymelbourne

Canopy @thelittleinterior

Star garland @thelittleinterior

Light @mattblattfurniture

Grey Floor Rug @etsyau

White Cloud Rug @etsyau

Flower Letter on door @etsyau

Flower Print @etsyau

Framing @bespokeartframing

Book Shelves @ubabub

Fabric Crown @thegigglefactory

Wall Panelling @easycraft.panels

Kingston's Room

Cot @leander

Grey Pom Pom Blanket @etsyau

Star Cushion @etsyau

Large Grey Cushion @lemarc_au

Cloud mobile @thelittleinterior

Soft Toys in Bed @thegigglefactorymelbourne

Rocking chair and foot stool @brightlightimportandwholesale

Marble Side tabel @mattblattfurniture

Rug @Mattblattfurniture

Change table

Hot air balloons @thelittleinterior

Wooden animals @designstuffgroup

Star Wall Decal @etsyau

Animal head @fionawalker

Toy Giraffe @melissaanddougtoys

Animal hooks @mattblattfurniture

Animal Artwork above change table @4theloveofparis2

Frames @bespokeframing

Animal artwork above desk @etsyau

toy donkey and giraffe on chair @thegigglefactorymelboourne

Star wall decals @etsyay

Wall paneling @easycraft.panels

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