Easter Weekend with Britax

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Easter Weekend with Britax


Friday morning we packed up the car, the kids and some empty Cadbury's baskets and ventured out the annual renowned Werribee Park Family Picnic & Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt, the largest Easter egg hunt in Australia.

It was the 17th year of the Family Picnic & Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt, Willow's third year and Kingstons first. For most new parents, it is a scary and daunting task taking the kids on a day trip away and disrupting their babies sleep routines, having the kids being in the car for an extended period of time and also the thought of the long weekend traffic. Thankfully, Nick and I made a conscious decision when I was pregnant with Willow to invest in the comfort and safety of our Children by purchasing Britax Platinum PRO car seats and had these installed in both mine and Nick's car.

It is hard to put a price on piece of mind and this is exactly what Britax have given us. We are an active family and often in and out of the car so it is vital that the kids are comfortable and able to sleep when we are on the move. One of the elements of the Britax Platinum PRO that was a winner for us was that the fabric was made from Bamboo Charcoal material which makes sure the kids car seats are not nearly as hot as some fabric car seats and it so easy to clean especially when Willow has hunted down a basket of Chocolate eggs!

I think every mother can agree, you have an inner maternal need to protect your baby, especially when they are as young as Kingston who is only 2 months old. They are so fragile and their necks are still weak but when putting Kingston into the car, I do feel as though he is really secure and supported. The safety features and the side Impact Cushion Technology is not something parents would ever want to imagine but it was important to us that the seat reduced any impact that may ever happen which is what the does.

Do youself and family a big favour and see all Britax has to offer

This partnership is sponsored by Britax.

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