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Saturday, 22nd April 2017

VC Dermal Clinic

As I am now a mother of two who is approaching the big 30 I have noticed that my skin has really started to suffer.

It also took a real beating after my second pregnancy as I developed really bad pigmentation on my forehead.
On top of that after a few weeks of sleepless nights and the overall stress of being a new mum I decided to treat my poor skin to some much needed TLC.
I headed into VC Dermal clinic to inquire about my pigmentation and whilst I was there I also learnt about all the other amazing treatment options they have available.
From Acne to cellulite and unwanted hair, VC Dermal clinic have you covered.
With over 12 years experience and 4 clinics you know you are in safe hands.
Their new clinic which has just opened up in Camberwell and I headed down to the grand opening to join in on the celebrations.
Afterwards I sat down with one of their skin specialist who answered all of my skin questions and concerns.

Can you tell us a bit more about what kind of skin conditions you can treat at VC Dermal Clinics?

Due to our extensive experience in treating all skin types, we have been able to successfully treat a wide range of skin concerns such as:

Acne Scarring
Aged Spots
Broken Capillaries
Cold Sores
Enlarged Pores
Excessive Sweating
Ingrown hairs
Loose Skin
Post Pregnancy Body Shaping
Unwanted Hair
Unwanted Tattoos

What would be the most common skin concerns you treat?

Acne & Acne Scars
Unwanted Hair

Living in Australia, our skin is exposed to harsh sun and therefore a lot of women have severe sun damage. What treatments do you offer to help correct skin that has been exposed and damaged?

We use a combination of different treatments to get the best outcomes for our clients. The skin is such a complex and individual organ it is essential to tailor a solution for each client and not use a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to skin treatments.

Sometimes this will involve a multi-faceted approach including product recommendations and a course of laser treatment or dermal therapies; it really depends on each individual.

As a minimum we recommend all of our clients use a quality SPF sun block year round to help prevent premature ageing and sun damage from sun exposure.

Since giving birth I have experienced stretch marks across my stomach. What are some treatments that you offer that can help reduce the appearance of stretchmark's?

There have been some amazing advances in treating stretch marks over the last few years and we have some amazing transformations in our treatment 'before and after' booklets located at our clinics. We like to use a combination of laser treatment and skin needling to stimulate collagen re-formation and help heal the area.

I also suffered from pigmentation this pregnancy, what are some treatments that can help and are they safe whilst breastfeeding?

Hormonal pigmentation (such as during or post pregnancy) can be one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat. In many cases we may advise clients with hormonal pigmentation to simply wait until symptoms subside on their own once hormone levels return to normal.

In serious cases we are able to treat pigmentation using our lasers and they are completely safe whilst breastfeeding.

What treatments do you avoid whilst breastfeeding?

There are not many treatments to avoid whilst breastfeeding however we do not treat any breast feeding mums with Chemical Peels as some of ingredients can be re-absorbed by the body. Most of our laser and skin treatments though are perfectly safe whilst breastfeeding.

Skin needling has become extremely popular; can you please explain what this involves and the benefits?

Skin needling has become very popular simply because when done correctly, it works! And works amazingly well. The basic principle is that the needling device is used to gently cause micro-trauma to the deep layers of the skin. Our bodies sense this trauma and compensate by stimulating collagen re-formation and sending repair and remodeling chemicals to the area to help heal the micro wound. The end result is a much more youthful, plump and rejuvenated appearance. This same principle applies to pre-existing issues such as scarring or stretch marks where there has been a breakdown in collagen production.

For a lot of women cellulite is a big area of concern, what treatments are available to help?

Cellulite treatments can be a touchy subject for many women and the industry is much the same. There are many devices out there claiming to be able to treat cellulite effectively however not many have withstood the test of time.

We use the gold standard in cellulite reduction, and it is called the Velashape system. This device is gentle and non-invasive and best of all is pain free. Treatments can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated and involves the use of a combination of modalities to even out the appearance of cellulite. The Velashape system uses Infrared Heat, Vacuum, Massage and RF heat all in the one device to deliver immediate results.

After my first pregnancy I suffered from hormonal acne, what treatments would you recommend for those still suffering from pesky spots.

Acne can be treated in a variety of ways and whilst not all acne is the same, there are some go-to treatments that we love to use at VC Dermal clinics. They include: Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Laser treatment and also a combination of safe home care to use.

Laser hair removal is something that I have always wanted to do. I would love to get it done all over, are you able to share the process and how long different areas would take?

Laser hair removal is what we are known for as we built our reputation on making our clients hair freeā€¦for good!

Each individual will have different levels of hair growth and there are many factors which can affect the duration and course length of treatments required. These factors can include things such as ethnicity, hormonal profile, age, genetics and even some medications.

Usually we recommend a course of 8-10 treatments every 6-10 weeks to permanently destroy unwanted hair follicles. We use the latest in technology when it comes to our laser hair removal and so some areas can take as little as 5 minutes to complete and very large areas such as the entire legs or upper body for males can taken up to 45 minutes.

Thank you to the wonderful team at VC Dermal Clinic for having me and answering all of my skin concerns.
VC Dermal has 4 locations across Victoria. To find your nearest location and to find out more on any of the treatments they offer you can visit their website here

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