Wednesday, 17th May 2017


I first started using Proplenish after the birth of my daughter (it is safe to take whilst breastfeeding) over 3 years ago.
At the time I was looking for a product that was a 'pick me up' as I was completely sleep deprived, my skin felt dull and I was suffering from post partum hair loss.

About a month after I started using ProPlenish I really noticed a difference.
My hair had become fuller, my skin softer and was glowing!
I would receive so many compliments from friends asking me if I had just had a facial or which skin care products I was using.

I have always been a big believer in treating and looking after you from the inside first and taking ProPlenish enabled me to do that.
ProPlenish is a marine collagen that is sourced from deep-sea fish. It is the purest and highest grade of marine collagen in the world.

I take about 2 – 3 sachets a day and mix it in with water in a big bottle.
ProPlenish aims to restore collagen, which is naturally lost the older we get.
Collagen is responsible in keeping your skin tight and as we get older our collagen decreases, which means that our skin can start looking dull and fine lines, start to appear.

As I am approach my thirties I have definitely notice some find lines appearing and ordered the mask to use alongside the sachets.

The mask aims to boost collagen and elastin production, repair / hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Unlike the sachets, the mask does not contain collagen as science proves that collagen cannot be absorbed effectively through the skin as a cream or serum.
This is why the mask has collagen stimulating ingredients, which is the perfect match to be used alongside the sachets.

I have been using ProPlenish marine collagen sachets for roughly three weeks and have just started using the mask to compliment the sachets.
I can feel my hair is starting to get thicker again and my skin is slowly getting its glow back.

For more information or to purchase the products head to the ProPlenish website here.

Rozalia Russian