Jockey Underwear

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Jockey Underwear

Ever since having Kids our weekday and Saturday mornings are always a mad rush out the door trying to get to kinder or ballet on time.
There is little time to relax so I now cherish our lazy Sunday morning sleep ins.
Whilst sleep in's don't last past 7 30 am, I love taking my time on Sunday mornings and relaxing around the house in comfortable clothing.
And comfortable is what Jockey Underwear do so well.
I have teamed up with Jockey so bring you some of their latest sleep and loungewear.
What I love most about this collection is the quality of the pieces.
The range is made from super soft cashmere, jersey and cotton fabrics.
The range includes minimalist shapes featuring comfy tees, shorts, slips, pants cardi's and socks.
Jockey designs are simple, stylish, classic and are perfect for playing at home with the kids, working from home or taking a weekend away.
Whether you're staying in bed or lounging around your house, the range is a stylish way to spend your downtime in!

My ultimate Sunday:
Tea or coffee
: Always a tea first and then about 3 coffees

Wake up time: During the week I get up around 6am before the kids wake up to get ready for the day. What I love most about Sunday's is that there is no rushing around trying to get out the door. So I usually wake whenever the kids wake up around 7 30a

First thing you do when you wake up: Feed Kingston, get Willow some Milk and make a cup of tea for my husband and

Breakfast of choice: I'm not a massive breakfast person so usually just toast or a banana.

Ultimate Sunday morning: Relaxing in bed watching with Willow and Kingston. Followed by a cup of tea on the couch, reading the paper and watching the TV in my Jockey loungewear of course.

To view and the range head to their website here

This Blog post is sponsored by Jockey

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