Rozalia x Tony Bianco White Freddie Boot

Monday, 26th June 2017

Rozalia x Tony Bianco White Freddie Boot

June. How can it be June already! As we say goodbye and pack our favourite bikinis and summer dresses away into the back of our wardrobes, we re-introduce beautiful winter knits, coats and shoes into our lives.

Now, you all know how much I love shoes. No matter what season or time of the year,
I think that they are the perfect piece to express your style, compliment and complete any outfit.

Boots are definitely my go to shoe during the winter season. Before having Willow and Kingston, you probably would have seen me in stiletto heels every single day. Now though, my boot selections vary from basic flats to bold heels, and of course the over the knee. Today I want to share with you my favourite boots right now, the Tony Bianco 'Freddie' in white.

Over the years Tony Bianco has always been a favourite brand of mine as they offer a wide range of different shoe options throughout their seasonal collections to suit women of all ages.

Whether it's a pair of denim jeans and a basic tee during the day, or flare pants and a tailored jacket in the evening, the Freddie boots slim heel and striking point toe really adds a statement to your outfit. Best of all they are super comfy to have on all day between the kinder run and trips to the office (and yes I also own the silver pair, I couldn't resist).

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