Velvet Via Country Road

Wednesday, 12th July 2017

Velvet Via Country Road

Velvet, velvet, velvet. To look at, touch or drape yourself in, it screams luxury and has an undeniable glam factor. It's a trend that surfaced throughout the 1990s and has recently made a huge statement comeback.

When I think of velvet, I think of beautiful soft textured fabric that stands out without screaming at you. After seeing it reappear and dominate the Fashion Week runways all around the world, we now all remember why velvet really is that good!

Designers are bringing back the classic blacks and dark greys (safe bet) but are also introducing new and vibrant bold colours such as royal blues and rich reds.

My favourite pieces from the runway was the cami singlet and slip dress. Being quite a heavy material, you don't want to feel weighed down or swamped by the garment, but given its luxurious texture you still want the piece to be a statement.

I've done my velvet research so you don't have to (thank me later). My findings from hours of online shopping and heading into multiple stores (basically every shopaholic's dream 'job') and have found the perfect velvet slip dress to help me recreate these runway looks within my own wardrobe, the Velvet Slip Dress by Country Road.

I wore this piece in a recent shoot and it seemed to get some serious interest so I thought it would only make sense to share the velvet love with you all tonight and help you introduce more velvet into your winter wardrobe. Enjoy the luxury (and comfit!) Happy shopping!

Rozalia Russian