2016 Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix Recap

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

2016 Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix Recap

The 2016 Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix is done for another year and what a year it was!

For me it all started on Saturday with an exclusive tour of the Red Bull Garage where I was lucky enough to see what it really takes to get these cars ready.

The highlight would definitely be the chance I was given to wear the pit team's headphones and listen in to the conversation between Daniel Ricciardo and his team as he was driving during the qualifying laps.

I have watched the Grand Prix in the past but to be there in person and watch in awe of how everything works was an amazing experience that has turned me into a real Grand Prix lover for life!

Sunday was the main day and I headed up to the rooftop to watch the start of the race. The sun was shining and the crowd was roaring, cheering on our local hero in what was a nail biting 57 laps.

After a few laps, I headed back down to the Paddock club to enjoy a few bubbles of champagne and watch the remaining laps of the race together with the other VIP guests.

The Grand Prix is renowned for its VIP list and this year was no exception attracting both local and international stars. With everyone from Andy Lee, Carrie Bickmore, Lauren Phillips, Samantha Jade, Brendan & Alex Fevola, Anthony Callea and of course everyone's favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the stands.

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