How to wear Velvet

Monday, 17th July 2017

How to wear Velvet

Oh velvet, what would we all do without this phenomenal fabric magically making a comeback into our lives?! I think our winter wardrobes would be very sad and dull without it.

Tonight I want to share with you how to pick and key velvet pieces to add into your wardrobe and home without looking like a 90s blast from the past.

Pick #1 – Velvet Slip Dress
Picking up from what I showed you on Wednesday night, the Country Road Velvet Slip Dress is my number one pick for velvet pieces. There is something so chic about the simplicity of a slip dress and how easy it is to pair back with existing items in a woman's wardrobe. It can be worn casually with sneakers and a cardigan during the day or paired with great statement earrings and heels for a night out.

Pick #2 – Velvet Cami Singlet
Basically the shorter and more versatile version of the slip dress! Cami singlets are great because you can pair them with a variety of bottoms, from denim jeans to midi skirts, leather pants and more! A great staple piece that will last many more seasons to come.

Pick #3 – Velvet Blazer
For a statement item with that added warmth for winter, look no further than a velvet blazer. Get a little bit creative and step outside your comfort zone of wearing always black and go for a deep blue, maroon or emerald green piece, I promise you won't regret it.

Pick #4 – Velvet Furniture
Make sure you save some creativity for the home! Not all statement pieces need to be fashion related. If we think a velvet cami is luxe, times that by 1000 and you've just entered homeware heaven. Velvet couches, ottomans and statement armchairs styled in the living room are a great way to add depth and texture into what is usually quite a large and open space. If you already have pre-existing couches that can't be parted with, try adding elements of velvet in cushions and throws to still enjoy the epic comeback without renovating your entire living room.

Rozalia Russian