Monday, 2nd October 2017


When you think of the word hosiery, I'm guessing your first thought takes you back to the cooler winter months of layering up with socks, tights and leggings, am I right? Well that's exactly what I used to think and I couldn't have been more wrong! Tonight I am here to introduce to you all the extensive range from Voodoo Hosiery. A leading brand that empowers women from all walks of life with the variety of luxurious collections. Hosiery is an all year round accessory that's trending its way across the world from fashion runways to street style paparazzi shots. Being such incredibly easy to wear pieces, I suggest you jump on this fashion must have moment and enjoy the wide variety of styles available. Below I have listed my three favourite Voodoo items for you.

The Block Out Sock

Socks, small in size but not in style. The Block Out pair from Voodoo are a great way to achieve a full boot look but without the boot! A closer look sees the fine fishnet pattern with block out lines around the ankle. Pair together with a black heel, flowy silk or velvet dress and your favourite handbag for an ultimate glam look.

The Hailey Legging

It was acceptable in the 80s and its still acceptable now (when styled correctly) I introduce to you all, the Hailey Legging. My favourite way to wear these Voodoo leggings is underneath a pair of denim jeans that have ripped out panels, therefore exposing the fishnet pattern throughout different areas of the leg.

The Illusion Tight

A pair of tights that will make all passers-by stop, take a second look and appreciate the illusion these tights create. Comprised of a sheer front and contrasting opaque back, these Voodoo Illusion Tights are quick way to sculpt your legs in all the right ways. I have paired these with a closed platform shoe, leather skirt and statement blazer for a great trans seasonal fashion statement.

I hope you all enjoy creating your own unique looks with these amazing Voodoo hosiery pieces, happy shopping and styling!

Rozalia Russian