Spotlight On Santina Nicole

Wednesday, 29th November 2017

Spotlight On Santina Nicole

As we head into the final month of the year (don't worry, I am just as shocked as you are!) there seems to be AT LEAST one event on each weekend between now and the New Year.

From work lunches to ballet concerts and Christmas parties to New Years Eve, with each event requiring a new and exciting outfit, there is set to be plenty of online shopping to be done.

Tonight's newest brand I am excited to share with you all in my article section, Spotlight ON, is none other than Santina Nicole.

A favourite of mine for event season, this Australian womenswear label focuses on three core elements to deliver perfectly fitting garments, featuring quality fabrics in classic and timeless styles.

With a design principle of less is more, the newest Summer 17/18 collection Flora by Santina Nicole promises a fresh white palette with splashes of blush and hints of black in the mix.

Clean shapes and colours paired with classic design lines that draws all attention to the textures of the fabrics is the perfect combination to make all women wearing these new items feel vibrant and powerful.

My top picks from this collection is the Flora One Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress, it's so good I needed it in both the blush and the white.

Shop their newest collection here. Enjoy!

Rozalia Russian